Choosing datastores

Choosing datastores

Guide on how to select datastores to solve different problems

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How do you select datastores and be aware of their limitations when applied to the problem at hand? Are there misconceptions you wish someone had cleared for you as you started on your journey of scaling with datastores?

Choosing data stores for your use cases conference will help you understand:

  • Running datastores at scale - and tuning, debugging and operations.
  • Solving specific use cases with a certain datastore.
  • Data modelling and developer experience with datastore.

Senior infrastructure and software engineers from Farfetch, Aerospike, Zeotap,, LinkedIn and Tesco engineering will share war stories and their learnings with practitioners in the audience.

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Nipun Jain


Apache Druid - reliable real-time analytics at scale and much more

Submitted Aug 3, 2021

Druid arguably picks design decisions from Timeseries DBs, Datawarehouses and Search systems. In this talk we show why that is so and delve upon use cases that best fit for druid and more importantly when not to choose it. Druid has been the production workhorse for the past 3+ years at Zeotap powering the core Audience planning across our products. Beyond the traditional interactive analytics use case we have used Druid to store non-temporal data (no timestamp) and derive insights. We will go over one data model on how to achieve this. Lastly, we would share our production experiences on operating Druid on GCP cloud.


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Sai Geetha M N

A Big Data Store – Performance optimised for writes, reads or both?

At Tesco, the 3rd largest retailer in the world, data is huge and so is the urgency in getting the latest data for use in operations and decision making. more

09 Aug 2021