Call for Proposals for Workshops

Call for Proposals for Workshops

Hands-on learning sessions for developers, by developers

Ashwin Murali

Ashwin Murali


AWS Fargate Masterclass

Submitted Nov 27, 2020

Master the skills required to run containers without worrying about servers. Participate in an online workshop where you learn to deploy your business apps using serverless containers on AWS Fargate.


Day 1:
Session 1:
Learn Task Definitions, Services and Secrets with SSM. Understand pushing docker images to ECR and connecting with private docker repositories.

Session 2:
Lets end the day deploying a rails app on AWS Fargate.

Day 2:
Session 1:
Understand Autoscaling with Fargate. Grok the networking with AWS Fargate. Build your CI / CD pipelines to deploy code with Blue / Green deployments.

Session 2:
Handle Container level storage with EFS. Dive into Service Meshes.
ECS Services Discovery. Look at ECS Capacity Providers.


AWS account - Free tiers will do. A Laptop. Basic understanding of Docker.

Speaker bio

Ashwin Murali is a senior devops engineer from Bangalore. He has helped multiple startups scale their infrastructure to meet ever growing customer demands. He has been practicing devops for over a decade now.


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