Debunking falsehoods about async communications

Culture of running effective remote teams

In this fireside chat, Swanand Pagnis will deconstruct some falsehoods with Pramod Biligiri, tease out the fundamental issues that lead to these beliefs, and present a rough playbook to get it right.

The prevalent falsehoods about remote work and async communications we will cover:

  1. Remote means async.
  2. Async = 100% async, sync = 100% sync.
  3. High-fidelity communication makes all the difference.
  4. Non-verbal cues are important.
  5. Async comms wipe out serendipity from communication.
  6. Written communication is complex; I can work so much faster if I get on calls.
  7. Mentorship is complicated when remote.
  8. “Remote just doesn’t work for me/us” -> people’s preferences about remote or distributed are actually about remote or distributed.

Note: This session will focus on the sync and async communication aspect of remote work. This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to talk about other things :)

About Swanand Pagnis

Swanand Pagnis is the CTO at CoLearn, Indonesia’s premier EdTech. He brings 17+ years of working (and non-working) experience with teams and companies of varying sizes and compositions. Talk to him about engineering excellence, CI-CD, and meetups any day. In his own words, “he eats org design for breakfast.” Follow Swanand for spicy tweets and a slice of life here.

About Pramod Biligiri

Pramod is a consultant for data engineering and distributed systems issues. He has worked for over 15 years as a software developer, including stints at Uber, Yahoo, and ThoughtWorks. He enjoys helping startups with general software engineering issues.

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