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Relational Databases and SQL is Lindy. It’s been around for a long time and will continue to be relevant and critical to software engineering for a long time. Will ChatGPT disrupt and make SQL obsolete? We’re skeptical. Cynical, even.

Schema design goes hand-in-hand with SQL - a schema directly reflects the domain. Clarity in your database schema drives clarity in architecture, in code, and eventually in teams. Eventually, when the time comes for the schema to change, good schemas often make migrations a breeze.

This AMA brings three experts who will answer your questions about SQL and schema design, covering topics such as:

Joins? ✔️
Aggregates? ✔️
Window functions? ✔️
Complex report-like queries? ✔️
Hierarchical data modeling 👀 ✔️
Recursive queries 👀 ✔️
Doing database migrations at scale? ✔️

Do you have more questions? Ask away!

Who should attend?

This AMA can and should be attended by:

  • Engineers with some familiarity with SQL but lots of uncertainty about databases and schema design.
  • Engineers who have questions about the not-so-well-known SQL syntax and who want to improve their schema design game.
  • Engineers looking for a refresher or just something new to learn (or crib!) about their favorite formal language.

About the speakers

Aditya Godbole is Head of Product at Last9. He helps customers slash costs and tame data explosion.

Chinmay Naik is co-founder at One2N. He is often found solving scalability issues for his customers. Watch his recent talk at Rootconf SRE on making MySQL highly available.

Swanand Pagnis is a well-known SQL geek and engineering leader. Along with his previous SQL Masterclasses at Hasgeek, he has been sharing his love of SQL across the interwebs. Swanand is the curator of Papers of We Love Bangalore community at

How you can participate

  1. This is an AMA, meaning you get to ask the speakers about SQL and Schema Design. For this AMA to work, you have to ask your questions. Leave your question in the comments.
  2. Spread the word among colleagues and friends.
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