What is this talk about?

India’s new Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act was finally passed by the Parliament. However, the enforcement dates have not been notified yet. This gives an opportunity to prepare and understand the implications and re-assess the operational strategies.

The speak will cover the following in their talk:

  • Definition of personal data and it’s applicability.
  • Alignment with existing regulatory framework.
  • Newly defined “legitimate uses” processing criteria.
  • Consent and notification system.
  • Handling of data used for marketing and advertising.
  • Employee data processing by employers.
  • User interface adaptations by companies.
  • Children’s data handling.
  • 3rd party data processing (Data Processors).
  • Technical safeguards to be implemented.
  • User rights and remedies strategies.
  • Compliance with Data Protection Board (DPB) guidance.
  • Penalties for non-compliance.
  • Best Practices for compliance.

Key takeaways for the audience

  1. Awareness of the new Data Protection Act.
  2. Implications for different entities.
  3. Strategies for compliance under the new law.
  4. Knowledge of personal rights of a user under the new Act.
  5. Effect on HR, Sales and Marketing, C-level executives, etc.
  6. User rights and remedies.
  7. Effect on UI/UX.
  8. Rights of users.
  9. Best practices.

Who should attend this talk

Founders, engineers, business executives, IT and security professionals, and data privacy enthusiasts.

About the speaker

Biju K Nair, is the Founding Partner of Legalitech.in, a technology law focused law firm. He advises companies and startups across the globe. He has 20 years of expereince.

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