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On security, network engineering and distributed systems

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Accepting submissions till 21 Aug 2019, 10:30 AM

St. Laurn Hotel, Pune



##About Rootconf Pune:

Rootconf Pune is a conference for:

  1. DevOps engineers
  2. Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)
  3. Security and DevSecOps professionals
  4. Software engineers
  5. Network engineers

The Pune edition will cover talks on:

  1. InfoSec and application security for DevOps programmers
  2. DNS and TLS 1.3
  3. SRE and distributed systems
  4. Containers and scaling

Speakers from Flipkart, Hotstar, Red Hat, Trusting Social, Appsecco, InfraCloud Technologies, among others, will share case studies from their experiences of building security, SRE and Devops in their organizations.


Two workshops will be held before and after Rootconf Pune:

  1. Full-day Prometheus training workshop on 20 September, conducted by Goutham V, contributor to Prometheus and developer at Grafana Labs. Details about the workshop are available here:
  2. Full-day DNS deep dive workshop on 22 September by Ashwin Murali:

##Event venue:
Rootconf Pune will be held on 21 September at St. Laurn Hotel, Koregaon Park, Pune-411001.


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veerababu (Mr-IoT)


Understanding and Exploiting 433Mhz Frequencies in Connected World

Submitted Jul 3, 2019

IoT- Internet of things, a current trend which means connected world directly or indirectly to share or receive data. When devices communicate to share or receive data, the communication medium is required either web services or wireless or wired.

Here our agenda is wireless communication on frequency 433mhz where other connected devices are communicating. So, our motto is to check if the frequency is secured or not, in short, the way communication is happening between these devices is either protected or not, will be the main discussion point of our talk.


This talk will give you the understanding current trending vulnerabilities in communication between smart devices not only car the same frequency where it applicable as well


Presentation will go around 45 minutes with practical examples of testing, Participant can take the real time security importance of the connected devices , Paticipant might knowing what is IoT devices

Speaker bio

Veerababu Penugonda, working as Quality Security Engineer at Crestron having around 4 years working experience in different domains in security. Mainly focusing past 3 years on the Breaking the devices
he is presenter of cysinfo and null open security community.
He is maintaining blog and YouTube channel as well, his publications released Hakin9 and Pentest Magazine. Skills on Hardware Embedded Devices hacking, Reverse Engineering Firmware, Breaking Wireless protocols in IoT, etc.


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Make a submission

Accepting submissions till 21 Aug 2019, 10:30 AM

St. Laurn Hotel, Pune

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