Digital Security Workshop with Tor Project

Learn how to avoid censorship and online surveillance.

Surfing the web can be risky: corporations and governments are tracking what you do online. But, using Tor you can avoid censorship and online surveillance. In this activity, you will learn what the Tor network is, what’s the onion routing and how it’s different from a VPN, how to install Tor browser and other digital secure tools. If you already use Tor, we’re excited to learn about your experience using it, teaching and talking about Tor.

In this workshop you will also learn about the Global South Initiative and how you can collaborate with Tor Project.

The Tor Project is a nonprofit organization based on Seattle, United States, that advances human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy technologies.


Gustavo Gus works as Community Liaison in Tor Project. Since 2007, he organizes security workshops for human rights defenders in Brazil. He’s also part of CryptoRave organization, a 24 hours event about security and privacy in São Paulo, Brazil.

Kushal is a core developer of the Python programming language, and also a director of the Python Software Foundation. He is a core team member of Tor Project. Kushal is currently working in Freedom of the Press Foundation


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