Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

Tirumarai Selvan


Showcasing gitkube: Turnkey solution to deploy apps using git on Kubernetes

Submitted Mar 10, 2018

Why are there so many tools like helm, draft, ksonnet, etc to enable application development on Kubernetes? As an application developer, do I really need to keep up with these fast changing tools? Is there anything simpler which does not have any onboarding burden?

GitOps is an emerging concept which aims to use VCSs like git to drive application development workflows. Git is part of every developers toolkit. Combining git with Kubernetes gives a seamless process of deploying applications on Kubernetes while keeping the operational burden to a minimum for the developer.

In this demo, we showcase gitkube: a turnkey solution to enable a git push workflow on Kubernetes. By installing gitkube, developers can simply git push their repositories (in any language) to deploy applications on Kubernetes. We will also discuss the merits and roadmap for this open source project.

Key takeaways:

  • Why are there so many tools for application development on Kubernetes?
  • How gitkube enables an extremely simpl workflow for deploying applications on Kubernetes
  • How to participate in developing gitkube further


  • Exploring various tooling for application development on Kubernetes
  • Introducing gitkube: git based application development on Kubernetes
  • Setting up gitkube
  • Typical workflow example with gitkube
  • Roadmap and call for contribution

Speaker bio

Tirumarai is a senior platforms engineer at Hasura. At Hasura, he has worked extensively on Kubernetes building both production systems and niche prototypes. He is an active member in the Kubernetes community, co-hosting the weekly meetup Koffee With Kubernetes in Bengaluru.



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