Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

Lucas Ceballos


Serverless is the new black

Submitted Feb 18, 2018

Everybody is talking about microservices and serverless architectures, it seems to be the new standard, but how does it look like in a real world scenario? Let’s figure it out!.

I want to tell you how to use the great and pretty famous NodeJS serverless framework to build and run a purely NodeJS real time data streaming pipeline based on top of AWS services, processing more than 100k events per second.

You will learn how to code, hack and tune AWS lambda functions and how to design and build a microservices oriented infrastructure on top of AWS.

I will share my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned working with these technologies. After this talk you will be able to start coding AWS Lambda functions like a pro without even reading the docs!


1 - Microservices Arhictectures
2 - Serverless framework
3 - How to code AWS lambda functions
4 - Building a data driven data streaming pipeline (AWS architecture)
5 - How does it look like in real life? A real world war story
6 - Q&A

Speaker bio

y name is Lucas Ceballos, I’m 27 years old and I’m an Information Systems Engineer graduated from UTN (Argentina).

I’m working as IT Director at Headway one of the most important companies in the ad-tech industry in Latam.

I really like what i do and I do it well. I like to accept challenges and work hard until the goals are reached.

I’ve been working on technology for almost nine years, I’ve started as a developer working on my own websites and now I’m leading a multidisciplinary team working on the ad-tech industry which is one of the most advanced industry in terms of software development and infrastructure optimization.

Passionate, self motivated, creative, self taught, good communication skills, focused on business results.

I have more than four years of experience working on the online advertising industry, building platforms that handle billions of events per day generating GBs of data that needs to be processed in real time.

Combining a strong technical knowledge with good communication and business understanding skills, I help companies to reach their goals through technology.

Specialties: AWS infrastructure, big data platforms, high availability systems, real time analysis, advertising platforms, low latency applications.


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