Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

##About Rootconf 2018 and who should attend:

Rootconf is India’s best conference on DevOps, SRE and IT infrastructure. Rootconf attracts systems and operations engineers to share real-world knowledge about building reliable systems.

The 2018 edition is a single track conference. Day 1 – 10 May – features talks on security. Colin Charles (chief evangelist at Percona Foundation), Pukhraj Singh (former national cybersecurity manager at UIDAI), Shamim Reza (open source enthusiast), Alisha Gurung (network engineer at Bhutan Telecom) and Derick Thomas (former network engineer at VSNL and Airtel Bharti) will touch on important aspects of infrastructure, database, network and enterprise security.

Day 2 – 11 May – is filled with case studies and stories about legacy code, immutable infrastructure, root-cause analysis, handling dependencies and monitoring. Talks from Exotel, Kayako, Intuit, Helpshift, Digital Ocean, among others, will help you evaluate DevOps tools and architecture patterns.

If you are a:

  1. DevOps programmer
  2. Systems engineer
  3. Architect
  4. VP of engineering
  5. IT manager

you should attend Rootconf.

Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions at Rootconf 2018 will cover the following topics: #

  1. DevSec Ops
  2. Microservices - tooling, architecture, costs and culture
  3. Mistakes that startups make when planning infrastructure
  4. Handling technical debt
  5. How to plan a container strategy for your organization
  6. Evaluating AWS for scale
  7. Future of DevOps

Rootconf is a conference for practitioners, by practitioners.

The call for proposals is closed. If you are interested in speaking at Rootconf events in 2018, submit a proposal here:


NIMHANS Convention Centre, Lakkasandra, Hombegowda Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029.

Schedule, event details and tickets: #

For more information about Rootconf, sponsorships, outstation events, contact or call 7676332020.

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Rootconf is a forum for discussions about DevOps, infrastructure management, IT operations, systems engineering, SRE and security (from infrastructure defence perspective). more

Jagadish Bihani

Production Report - Using Apache Flink as a microservice for stateful asynchronous processing

Submitted Mar 3, 2018

This talk highlights why we chose flink as a microservice for stateful asynchronous event processing and challenges we faced in production, how we solved those and recommendations for productionization of the applications using Apache flink.

Key takeaways:

  • Architecture pattern of using Flink/similar platform as a microservice for statuful async event processing
  • Flink fault tolerance concepts in-depth understanding
  • Production issues/challenges faced and insights on how to solve (& also prevent) them

Basic understanding of stream processing will be an advantage.

Outline #

  • Brief summary of what is flink and important terminologies
  • Flink as a microservice for asynchronous stateful event stream processing
    • Challenges in doing it in a conventional way
  • Prerequisite concepts
    • Fault tolerance and checkpointing
    • Scalable partitioned state
    • State Backend - Rocksdb
    • Asynchronous checkpointing details
  • Production Experiences
    • Flink taskmanager failover time tuning
      • Failure detection mechanism
    • Tuning Akka Deathwatch
    • How state leaks happen and how to prevent and monitor them
    • How to clear old state (result of state leak) of running system, without taking downtime
    • How state size and checkpointing can cause processing delays and how to tune it
  • Recommendations & Summary

Speaker bio #

Software architect at Helpshift. Have worked on streaming processing,various backend architectures and end-end data pipelines before. Have a good understanding of systems side of software as well. More details can be found on

Slides #


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Hosted by

Rootconf is a forum for discussions about DevOps, infrastructure management, IT operations, systems engineering, SRE and security (from infrastructure defence perspective). more