Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

Rahul Bajaj


Configuration Management at its peak with Foreman

Submitted Feb 25, 2018

Foreman is a complete life-cycle management tool and takes care of provisioning, monitoring, configuration management and health of a server. Foreman has been ranked as the 3rd most popular tool in the Configuration Management Camp 2018 which makes it an important tool to know and understand.


The talk will explain the key features like provisioning, monitoring, and configuration management in brief and how easy it becomes to have all these features under the same hood. The talk will consist of how foreman manages to solve real-world problems and how I began my journey with the Foreman project. Lastly, I will show the attendees, how they can contribute the project and the benefits of the same.

Understanding of Foreman [5 mins]

Why Foreman?
What exactly is Configuration Management?

Configuration Management Tools [30 mins]

1) Puppet Architecture.
2) Puppet workflow.
3) Foreman making puppet flawless.

1) Ansible Architecture.
2) Ansible workflow.
3) Foreman making ansible flawless.

Why anyone would want these configuration management tools? [5 mins]

1) Understanding the need for the tools.
2) Why use Foreman to perform Configuration Management.


Baisc knowledge of linux, little understanding about networking and the desire to learn something new would be a plus.

Speaker bio

Rahul is an Associate Software Engineer, Red Hat. He is a part of the official foreman organization( He contributes mostly to the Foreman project and is a ‘Red Hat Certified Specialist in Configuration Management’. He is also the organizer of Foreman Pune Meetups.


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