Rootconf 2018

Rootconf 2018

On scaling infrastructure and operations

Aditya Patawari


BOF session: mistakes startups make while planning infrastructure

Submitted Mar 27, 2018

A typical startup moves at a very high pace. Code is written quickly and deployed quickly. In such high pace environment, infrastructure is typically neglected. This OTR session will discuss these points and help startups with some simple tools and procedures which can help them improve their infrastructure.


  • any startup infra storeis from audience
  • our experience with infra for startups
  • how we can improve: mentality and execution
  • standard practices and tools of trade


none. if possible, bring a story on the table.

Speaker bio

Aditya Patawari is a consultant specializing in cloud management, infrastructure management and container technologies. He has helped several organizations in setting up and managing their infrastructure.
He has given talks and workshops on containers and related technolgies in India and abroad (including Rootconf, FOSDEM, Flock and FUDCon). He is a contributor to Kubernetes project and to Fedora Project.

Srujan Akumarthi is a DevOps engineer with WebEngage dealing with infrastructure management in multiple clouds and has experience debugging at scale. He has been involved in designing failure resistant systems for a few startups. He is new to giving talks and has keen interest in Linux. He contributes a little to Chef, MongoDB and Terraform.


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