Rootconf 2017

On service reliability


Amanpreet Singh (Aman)


Lessons learned from 1 year of Kubernetes in production at Crowdfire

Submitted Mar 9, 2017

This crisp talk is based on my personal experience working with Kubernetes running 50+ microservices. I will talk about key insights and pitfalls of running various container workloads on Kubernetes. This will help the members of the audience who are - either planning to, or already using Kubernetes - to make the most of it.


  • Introduction [1 minute]
    • About the topic
    • About me
  • Before Kubernetes [2 minutes]
    • State of things before I started using Kubernetes
    • Why it made sense to move to Kubernetes
  • The Lessons [10 minutes]
    • Service discovery (internal dns) pitfalls
    • Are your apps Kubernetes-ready?
    • Resource constraints
    • Surviving failures
    • Logging & Monitoring pitfalls
    • Stateful applications
    • Kubernetes Alpha resources
    • Sticky sessions
  • After Kubernetes (conclusion) [1 minute]
  • Questions [1 minute]

Speaker bio

Amanpreet is an engineer at Crowdfire & moonlights as a crowd entertainer. He’s an Open Source enthusiast who loves Go & can eat-drink-sleep Kubernetes.

He gained extensive knowledge of Kubernetes while handling the migration of infrastructure with 50+ microservices from traditional platforms to Kubernetes.



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