Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

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Drift detection across a heterogeneous infrastructure


Kirubakaran D


High availability has never been so popular than in the recent times. Businesses demand continuously available systems. Incorrect configurations to infrastructure / vulnerable software versions could potentially lead to a system outage or a security vulnerability. Remediation efforts were manual and reactive. IVT - a home grown solution validates & reports Infrastructure deviations in real-time. It helps achieve high availability and performance goals like uptime, reduced mean time to recover, software and configuration hygiene.


Problem statement
Why a homegrown tool?
Adding a new data collection system.
System High level architecture

Speaker bio

I am a staff software engineer working with Intuit. I have close to 10+ years of experience working in a wide range of companies from startups to well established firms and experience working with wide range of technologies. I would like to share my experiences working on this project.