Rootconf 2016

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Sai Kothapalle


One-click Deploy/ Self-service QA, Dev teams using Rundeck

Submitted Jan 20, 2016

Learn how Rundeck can be levaraged to do one-click Deploys/integrated into CI pipeline. If you are using cloud environments, you will be dealing with large number of servers, Rundeck provides UI/API interface to simplify deployment on cloud/on-prem. We will also looking into writing rundeck jobs to self-service other teams.


Rundeck is an Ops Swiss army knife, it can be used to do one-click deploys, integrated into your CI pipleine to work with Jenkins, or do ad-hoc deploys tied with config management tool such as chef/puppet/ansible. Rundeck neatly adds up to your config management tool to do an ad-hoc deploy.

Rundeck can also be used self-service Dev/QA teams so they can do their own deploys, run complex job from UI without needing access to servers, self service test environments and much more.

Speaker bio

Sai works as Devops Engineer at Blue Jeans Network. He has focussed on using Rundeck to automate deployments, self-service other teams using Rundeck. Prior to this, he has worked on migrating on prem stacks to AWS.



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