Rootconf 2016

Rootconf is India's principal conference where systems and operations engineers share real world knowledge about building resilient and scalable systems.

Vishal Uderani


Learning from Human and Organisational Failure in Ops

Submitted Jan 7, 2016

Not much is spoken about how we as humans tend to deal with failure especially us Ops folks . Given the ever distracting nature of our jobs which pushes and pulls us in multiple directions each day mistakes/failures are bound to happen. I’d like to share my experience of one such incident and the ways/methods I used to deal/cope with failure and hopefully inspire others to adopt similar methods and learn from them


This will be more of a story than a tech talk which describes a series of events that led to me making a technical error , methods used to deal with my personal failure and regaining one’s confidence back again. How orgainsational failure is attributed to personal failure and why failure is Ok and what steps must one take to ensure they never repeat themselves again


An Open Mind and any kind of Ops experience

Speaker bio

Vishal Uderani is a seasoned systems administrator/devops practictioner with over 7 years of experience with multiple companies . Having worked both in startups and medium to large sized organisations , his skills primarily lie in the field of systems automation , configuration management and virtulization . He has been a speaker at multiple ops conferences including DevOpsDaysIndia 2015 and AnsibleFest San Francisco 2015 . He currently is a Senior Site Reliability Architect for OpenTable



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