Rootconf 2016

Rootconf is India's principal conference where systems and operations engineers share real world knowledge about building resilient and scalable systems.




From localhost to DNS and back, the road to discovering your services

Submitted Jan 31, 2016

Familiarize the audience with service discovery and it’s importance in microservices architecture. We will also dig into how this system can take down your whole cluster and how to think about resiliency while building it.


We used to live in a beautiful world of monolithic applications wherein everything the app needed always ran on the same machine but as companies move from monolothic to microservices architecture, their service discovery moves from in memory class lookup to dynamically changing machines in a different datacentres. While easy to deploy stateless applications everywhere, it is a nightmare to make them talk to each other in a sane way while allowing us to monitor and use this service for enhanced features like disaster recovery.

The talk will focus on how we have evolved resilient service discovery from class lookups to dynamically changing endpoints with various solutions at various scales and aid audience to hopefully understand which solution makes most sense given their architecture and scale.


Basic understanding of SOA principles and microservices architecture.

Speaker bio

I build infrastructure, services et al @ Snapdeal


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