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Building a Scalable Orchestration Engine to Manage 30k Nodes

Submitted by aaditya sood (@aadis) on Saturday, 30 January 2016


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To share the lessons learnt and challenges faced when solving large-scale IT orchestration problems. Hopefully provide best patterns and lessons so people following in our footsteps don’t make the same mistakes.


Sharing the lessons of the 5 year journey involved in building large-scale orchestration software in India and the challenges involved. This talk will cover the evolution from a monolithic model to asynchronous micro-services over 3 generations of our orchestration engine, what real-life problems we solved and the challenges we encountered.

This orchestration engine has been in production for over 5 years across multiple BFSI and other enterprises in Asia-Pac. The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) uses this engine for IT orchestration, Disaster Recovery etc, with over $25B in daily transactions passing through the applications managed by this system.

This talk will cover:
- The Orchestration Problem - Three Generations of Orchestration in Detail - Lessons Learnt

Speaker bio

Co-founder at Previously was the architect at medical imaging startup Erudent. Earlier worked at Yahoo Image Search & Oracle ERP. Has been known to use his .emacs file in self-defense.



  • 1
    Rohit Sood (@sood16) 2 years ago

    wish I could be part of this. Good lucj!

  • 1
    sumesh girhotra 2 years ago

    all the best sood.

  • 1
    Yagnik (@yagnik) 2 years ago

    Excited to hear you talk on this @aadis

  • 1
    Jasnoor Gill (@jasnoorgill) 2 years ago

    @sood: If this goes half as well as the meetup one, it’ll be pretty interesting to folks looking to understand what happens under the hood :)

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