Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Aditya Upadhyay


How to Create a Low Cost, Self Healing & Immutable Infrastructure using AWS EC2 Spot Instances

Submitted Apr 10, 2015

Reduce AWS bills significantly, automate maintenance using Auto Scaling & understanding spot instance failover


AWS is a leading cloud services provider and it has millions of users. The major component of

AWS usage & subsequently billing are EC2 Instances. Although the cost of EC2 instances goes

down if one purchases reserved instances, there is another feature for EC2 instances which is

rarely used by customers. This session will guide you on how to use it.

AWS provides spot instances which are the unused compute resource of AWS infrastructure &

can available to customers at a very low price. Prices are governed by market dynamics of

demand & supply with users putting up bids to request these instances. Average market prices

can be ⅛th to 1/10th of normal instances, and when users’ bid prices exceed market prices

these requests are fulfilled.

Only catch is, AWS can terminate allotted instances with little to no notice if A) market price

exceeds bid price or if B) the spot pool of your instance type is reduced due to increase of

demand for normal instances.

These are the risks why many users stay away from Spot instances. This session will provide a

solution to address these risks which actually reduces costs without compromising performance.

The solution includes deploying Auto­Scaling Groups setting attributes like Launch

Configuration, VPC & Subnet, Number & Composition of instances, Notification settings and

Scaling policies.

This session will have a demonstration of deployment of Auto­Scaling groups & attributes,

Launch of instances and simulated termination to display its Self Healing capability. I’ll also discuss two

real situations in detail.

Having managed DevOps for various clients, deploying this solution has produced positive

results of reduced AWS bills & infrastructures capable of healing themselves.

Speaker bio

I am a Senior Consultant at CodeIgnition and manage DevOps, Cloud & Continuous Delivery projects. With 3 years of hands on experience & many more as a code connoisseur, I am passionate about Continuous delivery, Cloud, Infrastructure & Automation. I gave a 15 minutes talk at Rubyconfindia, about a very similar topic. This talk will be a detailed version of that talk. I am using all the concepts, I wanna talk about, in the architecture of a continuous delivery platform I am developing,

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