Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Devdas Bhagat


Building a devops culture

Submitted Mar 30, 2015

The audience is expected to learn the basic ideas of what it takes to build a successful IT organisation.


This talk is the 10000m view of what it takes to build an IT organisation which helps the business grow.

While everyone appears to have heard about devops, most people don’t actually know what it takes to implement devops. Adding silos, restricting communications and hiring devops specialists will not solve the problems which businesses face in implementing IT well. This talk offers suggestions based on the experience of the speaker on what it would take to do so.

This talk is not about technology, but about people. While some of the points are specific towards ecommerce organisations, most of them are valid across businesses.

Speaker bio

Devdas Bhagat is a jack-of-IT-trades, and master of a few, with about a decade and a half of experience. He has been speaking on various technical (and non technical) topics at a number of conferences including,, and SANOG.

He has experience in automation, configuration management, database administration, networks, system administration and development across organisations of different sizes and in various domains.

He is currently working on the metrics and monitoring platforms at, an ecommerce site in the Netherlands.



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