Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Aditya Patawari


BrowserStack Security Breach. Lessons Learned.

Submitted Mar 30, 2015

To discuss and discover our learnings and ways to mitigate and avoid security breaches.


We got breached last year. The talk will focus on what should we have done, what we did and how you can prevent similar incidents in your infrastructure. I will discuss the importance of right monitoring to detect such incidents. What are the simple things that we miss which could prevent such disasters. And lastly, I would discuss how to catch the culprit with the right logging.

Speaker bio

I am Aditya Patawari, currently working as Lead of Systems Engineering at I play around with Enterprise Linux, Ansible, Puppet, Nagios, Python, Cloud (AWS and OpenStack) both as a part of my work and out of interest.
I have been a speaker at FUDCon, NELF, GNUnify, Rootconf, Flock, FOSSAsia and have delivered talks on Puppet, Ansible, Project Atomic, Git, infrastructure scalability and various other topics.



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