Rootconf 2015

DevOps and scaling infrastructure

Gourav Shah


Blueprinting your Infrastructure with Ansible

Submitted Mar 24, 2015

Get introduced to Ansible as a configutration managment, orchastration and parellal command execution tool all in one. Understand Why you should use it, how it works i.e. playbooks, roles, tasks, modules etc. Also learn how it fares against other configuration management tools. Finally, see it in action (demo).


With emergence of devops practices and increasing focus on automation, tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt are replacing manual efforts and ad hoc scripts. Ansible combines configuration management, orchestration and parallel command execution into a single tool making it easier to manage infrastructure at scale. Furthermore ansible’s batteries included approach and availability of modules library makes it easy to integrate with cloud platforms, databases, notification services without requiring additional plugins.

Speaker bio

Gourav has extensive experience in IT infrastructure management at scale, Cloud and Automation. He headed Ops team for Adobe in his previous avatar. Currently he is the founder at Initcron Systems, a niche Devops consulting firm, where he helps companies strategise and implement automation plan and provide remote infrastructure management services. Gourav also helps companies build devops team and practice. In addition to taking up consulting assignments, he extensively trains corporates on devops practices, conducts online and offline classroom trainings under “School of Devops” brand. He takes up public speaking assignments as well. He is authoring a book on Ansible.


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