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PostgreSQL as NoSQL

Submitted Feb 20, 2014

To help participants to understand that PostgreSQL can also be used as a NoSQL database.
Also, while doing this how the application can gain benefit of both SQL and NoSQL environment.
Performance analysis between PostgreSQL NoSQL and a NoSQL DB.


In the current world, while the need of data management has changed dramatically and RDBMS doesnt fit into that, NoSQL data model has emerged as the solution and people are moving to that.
But still there are some features missing in NoSQL DB if we compare with RDBMS.
Here I will discuss the features that PostgreSQL is providing which can turn it into a NoSQL DB and how it can be beneficial for applications.

The session includes:
Feature comparisions between NoSQL and SQL DB
Feature Lack in A NoSQL DB and how PostgreSQL solving it
How to store schemaless data in PostgreSQL
What can we expect from it
Performace comparision between PostgreSQL NoSQL and NoSQL DB
NoSQL Deployment in PostgreSQL From Developer’s Point


The Basic knowledge of NoSQL and SQL DB concept and basic coding Concept.

Speaker bio

Senior DB Engineer@Inmobi


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