Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

Shekhar Gulati


Let's Build Apps Not Configure Servers!!

Submitted Apr 21, 2014

  1. Learn how to use OpenShift PaaS to turn your idea into publicly hosted web site.
  2. How PaaS can help you build application faster?
  3. Learn OpenShift internals


Its Friday night and my friend said he would like to watch a movie released today. I don’t want to watch that movie so I have to convince him to watch cricket match instead. My friend said you have time till morning to convince me. Being a web developer, I decided to build a web application that would parse the tweet stream about the movie and give us the overall sentiment about the movie. If more that 60% people have positively tweeted about the movie then we would watch the movie otherwise we would watch the cricket match. To help others like me I decided to host it in the public cloud so that I can share the application URL with others.

To build this publicly accessible web application, we need application stack that includes language runtime, server, database, version control system, public DNS,etc. Configuring and setting up all these myself would consume all my night. Is there an automated solution that can help me get away from doing low level stuff so that I can focus on application development? PaaS or Platform as a Service is an awesome sauce for developers that can automate all the above mentioned and give you a template application that you can hack on.

In this session, we will first take a look at what is platform as a service and why you need PaaS with OpenShift as an example. We will look at different OpenShift components like gears, SELinux, etc. that help us achieve maximum utilization of our hardware. It is also feasible to run OpenShift on your own hardware by using either OpenShift Origin or OpenShift Enterprise. We will cover how you can get OpenShift Origin running on your hardware.

After covering OpenShift internals, we will look at the application source code I developed to convince my friend. Finally, we will look at how OpenShift can help us automate all the low level stuff and help us build scalable web applications.

Speaker bio

Shekhar Gulati is a developer and OpenShift evangelist working with Red Hat. He is evangelizing about OpenShift for last two years and regularly speaks at various conference and user groups around the world to spread goodness of OpenShift. Also, Shekhar has written many technical articles for IBM DeveloperWorks,, and JavaLobby.


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