Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

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Cloud-Init :: Get The Initialization Right


Iliyas Shirol


Building a perfect IaaS Cloud environment as well includes the easiness and flexibility we provide to the end-users to consume the resources (Compute/Network/Storage etc). So we need to have right things/configs in place during the VM instantiation.


“Automation is the key to a cloud-admin(s) success”. Bringing up an instance with the required software packages, network configurations, custom user-data etc reduces the post-provisioning recurring tasks of the admin.

This session will help the participants understand what should be present in a cloud vm template, what cloud-init is, how to add configuration in the cloud-init framework, best practices etc. A practical demonstration of building and deploying the cloud-init enabled templates in a CloudStack environment.

Speaker bio

Iliyas Shirol
BigData/Cloud Evangelist @ InMobi