Rootconf 2014

On devops and cloud infrastructure

vivek parihar


10 Deployments a day - A brief on extreme release protocols

Submitted Jan 12, 2014

To diminish the barriers between software development and IT operations. Achieving the Continuous Deployment and Delivery with the tools that work for different platforms and languages we term it as provinding “Heterogeneous Support: Heterogeneity is a reality in mid-to-large size organizations. From programming languages, to databases, to operating systems, to deployment environments”


A reflection on how we migrated from an era of production deployments once a week to more than 10 deployments a day. The story of transforming a mere sys-admin to super sophisticated DevOps team, armed with multiple tools, scripts and plugins for achieving automations, accuracy and invincible agility. As we continue on our endeavor for further improvisation, I believe its worth sharing the experience with community.
Tentative topics outline:
1.Arming teams for their transformation to DevOps from mere sys-admins.
2.Killing manual deployments (manual deployment->capistrano->webistrano)
3.Automation -> for daily backups
-> monitoring applications and servers
-> deploying dependencies
4.Saving up time on setting up new instances(using golden image).
5.Using LDAP to maintain servers with public key(avoiding individual logins to every server makes it less messy)
6.Using Puppet for instantiating multiple servers at once.
7.Commissioning our own Cloud Infrastructure.

Speaker bio

Vivek Parihar - Webonise Lab, Pune
A technology evangelist, ROR geek, DevOps Missionary and a mentor - just to name a few. Started his technology journey @Webonise with mission to experiment, build and contribute to technology trends.
As VP-Engineering, he has led the team leaps and bounds across various technologies. He is a frequent speaker at conferences. To name a few:
-DevopsDay2013 -MongoDb Pune -Ruby Conf India




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