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SELinux for the Uninitiated

Submitted by REJY M CYRIAC (@rejy) on Mar 26, 2014

Section: Workshops Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Remove the barriers of fear created by the ignorance about SELinux


Lack of knowledge about the basics of SELinux leads to many SysAdmins/DevOps disabling SELinux on production servers, and inadvertently losing out on the security benefits.
The session is aimed at presenting the basics of SELinux in an easy to understand way, so that SysAdmins/DevOps would have strong foundational information to start using SELinux, and to progress at one's own pace to advanced usage.


Only an open mind

Speaker bio

Working at Red Hat, Bangalore - Engineering - Quality Engineering
User and Evangelist of SELinux for over 8 years
Have trained and assisted SysAdmins/DevOps to use SELinux on servers
Passionate about Open Source

Red Hat Certified Architect
Red Hat Certified Data Center Specialist
Red Hat Certified Security Specialist



  • Ajey Gore (@ajeygore) 6 years ago

    Looks duplicate?

    • REJY M CYRIAC (@rejy) Proposer 6 years ago

      This talk is meant for those who do not know anything about, and/or are fearful, of SELinux. This talk introducs the basics of SELinux, and aims to make SysAdmins comfortable with SELinux. The talk would also deal with the ‘WHY’ on enabling SELinux.

      The other proposed talk on SELinux - - is meant for advanced audiences who already know about SELinux. That talk introduces SELinux policy module building.

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