ReactFoo-VueDay Pune edition

ReactFoo-VueDay Pune edition

React and Vue for performance engineering and front-end development



Rushikesh Mhetre

Vue js: The Need for Speed

Submitted Feb 11, 2020

Most Developers (me included!) tend to start new Vue Projects using a Boilerplate to get off the ground quickly, to reduce manual effort by starting a project from scratch.
As the project grows and more complexity (custom code, components, routes) is added, the application tends to slow down, starts lagging and takes a performance hit.
Thats when refactoring, reducing load time and dependencies come in. Often our complex applications take a large amount of effort and time to get back to the performance we intended from the beginning.
What we aim to discuss and learn during this session are some of the lessons learnt and solutions I’ve created to reduce your time and effort refactoring and cleaning up your VueJS applications, as well as smarter ways of being modular when starting from scratch.
The ideal takeaway from our session will be a better understanding to build and create learn and performant VueJS applications.


How does webpack bundling works?
Lazy loading components?
Local imports is necessity?
How about code splitting..

Speaker bio

I am a seasoned full-stack developer, having started my career with Game Development, gradually moving to App Development learning and mastering all the flavours of JS, from Angular to React to Vue.

I currently work in the Product Development team of CloudCover



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