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Persisting Data Across System

Submitted by Pratik Shah (@yoopratik) on Feb 9, 2020

Duration: 15 mins crisp talk Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Long forms are boring to fill. And you whats worse losing half filled form data and refilling again. We hadnrequirement of persisting data filled by user. So they can login from any machine and carry you their filling of form. Old school way of doing this is saving all this info on backend by bypassing valiation/callbacks. We wanted something simpler. In this talk I will go in detail of how we solved this.


We have a react-redux app.
1. First will discuss data persisting issue with Redux. On refersh redux loses all data
2. Explain how we can solve this using redux-persist
3. Issue with redux-persist: currently it supports browser cache
4. Next how we can store cache on backend and can access it from different machine


Basic Knowledge of React and Redux

Speaker bio

Pratik Shah is react/rails consultant based in Pune.



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