Gatsby Workshop

Learn how to use the powerful combination of headless data sources and Gatsby for web applications

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HasGeek House, Bengaluru

Gatsby is a great new way to build websites and apps and gives you so much for free including:

  • Progressive Web application
  • Offline support (with a service worker!)
  • Responsive images

In this workshop, we’ll start from the ground up to lay the foundation for how we can use the powerful combination of headless data sources with the modern app generator Gatsby to create engaging web applications. Whether you have little React experience or tons, it is my hope that this workshop will still contain valuable information!

What you will learn

  • Basic React and GraphQL
  • Getting started with Gatsby
  • Using data sources via source plugins
  • Using custom data sources
  • Popular plugins for CSS-in-JS, offline support, syntax highlighting etc
  • Gatsby API Hooks for custom pages, redirects and providers
  • Dynamic data and beyond the static site
  • Best practises and taking your Gatsby site to production

About your Trainer

Sidhartha Chatterjee is part of the core OSS team at Gatsby. In the past, he’s worked with several startups (including Insider, Cleartrip and StoryWeaver) and helped them React apps and adopt GraphQL.


HasGeek House

2699, 19th Main Rd,

HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

Bengaluru - 560008

Karnataka, IN