ReactFoo Mumbai

ReactFoo Mumbai

On React, alternatives to React, ReactNative and front-end engineering

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ISDI ACE, Mumbai

About ReactFoo Mumbai

ReactFoo Mumbai is an event for JavaScript, front-end adnd mobile engineers. The conference will feature talks on:

  1. Latest features of React
  2. Webpack, GraphQL and Apollo
  3. React Native
  4. Front-end workflows and design systems
  5. CSS and React


ReactFoo Mumbai is a single-day event with full-length and crisp talks, and Birds Of Feather (BOF) sessions on how to grow your career as a front-end engineer, and on state management.

On 27 May, we are hosting a hands-on workshop on GraphQL and Apollo conducted by Kiran Abburi. Workshop tickets have to be purchased separately.

Who should attend

  1. JS engineers from enterprises.
  2. JS engineers from startups.
  3. Architects.
  4. Cross-platform mobile developers.
  5. Front-end engineers.

Why you should attend?

  1. To learn from and network with peers from the industry.
  2. To gain insights from case studies of practical implementation, and evaluate ReactJS and React Native for your work.
  3. To program better with React and React Native.

If you are attending ReactFoo Mumbai, submit a flash talk – of 5 mins – about a project you are working on or a tool you have discovered and that you’d like the community to benefit from.


ReactFoo Mumbai conference – 26 May 2018 at ISDI DICE, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
GraphQL and Apollo workshop – on 27 May 2018 at Endurance International, Goregaon, Mumbai

Contact details:

For more information about speaking, ReactFoo, sponsorships, tickets, or any other information contact or call 7676332020.

Event website:

Hosted by

A community - for and of - front-end engineers to share experiences with ReactJS, performant apps with React, crafting better User Interfaces (UI) with React and GraphQL ecosystem. ReactFoo also discusses design patterns and user experience. more

dipti gandhi


Talking to React: The Mindset

Submitted Apr 15, 2018

Thinking in terms of Components could be hard, specifially how to divide your application into components, but I feel thinking in terms of components will be easy if we understand the basic ideas like composition on which languages like React are made. So my point is lets learn the ideas on which React stands proudly, so concepts like Components, State, Props falls in place while learning React.


Lets understand the ideas of Explicit Mutation well enough to can get the importance of State and how one can use it smartly. Understanding Explicit Mutation really teaches us why react has a feature like State and importance of library like Redux for the state management in your app. This also helps us to know when to use Redux or atleast gives the ideas when we will need it.
For those coming from a web background how the idea of Single Responsiblity Principle could amaze us as we are so use to with the idea of sepration of Concerns.React is not just a library with which we can create UI, it makes the developing of front End smart, by giving direction to our thougts and helping us to keep the control of UI.



Speaker bio

I am currently working as freelancer.I have two years of web experience and just finished with my React bootcamp.Organiser at Mumbai Women Coder and Speaker at Mumbai Js meetup.




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Aziz Khambati

Create your own Custom Async Renderer with diffing in Web Worker

I’ll be going through some of the design of react-reconciler, fibre and how to create your own custom renderer. more

16 Apr 2018