ReactFoo Delhi

ReactFoo Delhi

On React, alternatives to React, ReactNative and front-end engineering

Ronak Jain


Presto as a NativeUI - MicroApp platform

Submitted Jun 20, 2018

At Juspay we built a React-Native native equivalent cross-platform framework called Presto, as React-Native was way too heavy for our SDK requirements. Presto powers Juspay Payments SDK which runs in most of the top applications in India including BHIM.
This talk will discuss how Presto became a Micro App platform and how we leverage pure/strict Functional programming techniques to create a DSL for business logic that is concise and close the product specification itself.


Why we built Presto?
How we write UI in Presto
How Presto became a Mice App Platform
Writing transactional apps using Purescript in Presto

Speaker bio

Ronak is a Software Engineer at Juspay where he is the core developer of the Presto framework.


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