ReactFoo 2017

A conference on React

Akhil Gupta


React Native Internals - How it works

Submitted Jun 14, 2017

Being a Android native developer i didn’t like idea of writing apps in JavaScript. My Javascript knowledge was limited to some alert dialogs & ajax requests. Once i got an opportunity to write a small app in react native, i really like the boost it gave to productivity out of me and fact that i can write iOS app too now, YAY :).

Big thanks to ES6 for all syntactic sugar and easeness it gave to a Java developer.

I was amazed by platform which runs natively though written in Javascript. But question how React Native does all this natively, was still not clear. I start digging in to same and thinks its worth sharing my learnings in this talk.


I will be covering below topics

React Native internals

  • React Bridge
  • Threads in react native
  • Message Queue
  • Javascript Engine
  • Virtual DOM
  • React Native Modules
  • Events flow

React Native app Performance insights

Speaker bio

Product Engineer @Gojek, Indonesia’s first unicorn startup.



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