ReactFoo 2017

A conference on React

Narendra N Shetty


Practical performance tips building Progressive web apps

Submitted May 9, 2017

I will be talking about my learning on performance techniques used to make Uber mobile web using React as fast as possible.

In mobile web it’s always very important to render the initial screen as soon as possible. I will talk about how I achieved this by various webpack techniques.

I will also be talking about caching using service worker and how it affected the speed of repeat visits.


  • I’ll be starting by talking about my motivation to do this.
  • Will give information about various companies which have built PWA and how it helped them.
  • Will then talk about the web app(clone of Uber app) I built to work on performance.
  • Will then go in details on 5 important steps and what are performance benefits it has give me.
  • Also will talk few other performance tips which could be used in the application.


This is for all the devs who care about performance and who think twice before adding any external library.

Speaker bio

Frontend Developer at Working on React & Redux since a year. Hate slow websites and strongly believe that web performance is a key for conversion.



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