ReactFoo 2017

A conference on React

Kanav Arora


Improving Load time of a Production React App

Submitted Aug 2, 2017

The talk will draw on our learnings from the efforts that we undertook earlier this year to improve UrbanClaps’s website performance, resulting in a 60% reduction in load time. All our efforts towards performance engineering can be bucketed in roughly two areas: ship less assets and tweaking order of delivery of assets. In this talk I will primarily focus on the former with key emphasis on how to really optimize bundling via webpack. All of this was done in the context of a large production app with constraints on product, business and user experience.


- Tech stack of the urbanclap front end website
- Complexities faced in improving performance
- Performance bucketing: Shipping less, Changing order of assets

Shipping less assets via webpack
- JS Chunking
- CSS Chunking
- Mobile/Desktop Chunking
- Chunks on Demand

Modifying order of assets for SSR
- CSS Inlining
- Js Optimization

- Key Tech Metrics
- Business Metrics
Tools/Performance Monitoring
- Why is it VERY important
- Webpack Analyzer
- Continuous Integration

Speaker bio

Kanav Arora is head of FrontEnd Engineering at UrbanClap, heading their web and mobile development teams. Prior to UrbanClap, Kanav has worked as a Software Developer at Microsoft and Lead iOS Developer at silicon valley mobile gaming company, PocketGems. He was also the CTO of a startup named Stuph in the valley, before moving to India. Kanav holds a BS in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.




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