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Vijaya Krishna Kudva


How we built Unity - Myntra’s Enterprise UI platform in React!

Submitted Aug 9, 2017

We at myntra experiment adopted react since its very early stages.
This talk is about a journey of building a framework called Unity which helped myntra developers to build internal apps super fast.

We will share the details on how one can build configuration driven user interfaces with exmaple components such as smart-form, smart-table and even the entire apps via configs.

Unity is a full stack setup in which to build a new app all a dev needs to do is to trigger a command and a codebase is forked with template app setup along with build and deployment tools.
The template app is pre integrated with myntra’s single signon, and a configurable navigation system. The template is also wired up with unity-components which gives access to huge inhouse built smart components.

Think of unity like a create-react-app on steroids but built well before create-react-app was created.


Stack before Unity & practical problems
How we get started with simple vision
Unity Architecture
Building smarter components
Building Configuration driven UI
Magic of wrapper components
Getting into Bigger Vision - Seamless multi app experience.
Adopting to new tech/frameworks on the fly

Speaker bio

Vijay Krishna Kudva - Passionate UI Tech Lead at Myntra with 9 years industry experience. Built myntra’s enterprise ui stack and currently working on Building myntra’s Storefront stack for progressive web app.



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