ReactFoo 2017

A conference on React

Jaikanth Kumaran


Do you really want to Server Side Render your React App?

Submitted Jun 16, 2017

This will be a talk of my experiences and tribulations on building a product which is server side rendered. I will touch upon state management in a server side rendered app using redux, routing in a server side rendered app and styling. The talk will be geared to folks who are new to server side rendering and will give them a good idea of what they will be up against.


We will start the talk with what is server side rendering, the business aspects of server side rendering, why and for whom server side rendering would be useful.
We will then get into the nuts and bolts of server side rendering, covering each of the below areas using a starter kit.
- Styling
- Routing
- Redux

Speaker bio

Founder sherpafeet and fullstack. Built multiple products ground up over the last 15 years.



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