Sourav Basu


Asynchronous Python

Submitted Sep 15, 2017

Earier there was Tornado and Twisted. However post Python 3.4 there has been a lot of things happening regarding Asynchronous programming in Python. There has been multiple implementations of event loops and they are getting better. This talk is aimed at explaining the differences to beginners and intermediates and how these frameworks work.


My talk will be focussing on each of these frameworks/modules:

  1. asyncio
    This will be a long topic since this is a major part of the topic and its very important to understand this. I will be providing implementation examples.

  2. uvloop
    This is another implementation of asyncio event loop and I will explain with implemtation examples.

  3. uvicorn
    Built on top of uvloop, I will explain how this solves problems to existing situation.

I also intend to speak on Tornado and Twisted at the beginning but the focus will be less than asyncio, uvloop and uvicorn.


Basic knowledge of python3 would be nice.

Speaker bio

I am a Software Engineer at Credy working on Python based stack. I have been working on Python 3 for a couple of years now, yet when I started learning async implementations of python I found it hard. There lacks good collections of tutorials, articles(Actually there are many small pieces but they don’t explain the big picture together). I am learning this as well as trying to implement it. Hence I understand the difficulties as many other people have faced.


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