PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

Stephen Turnbull


You can help develop Python - and you should!

Submitted Nov 28, 2016

Python-Dev is a world-wide distributed software development community. At the core are great language designers and programmers, but there’s plenty to do for anyone and everyone. It’s natural to be uneasy about offering your ideas and effort to a large community with a long history, so I’ll explain how the process works and how to fit in. Python-Dev is consciously evolving itself to produce better software and mentor new developers. Grow with us!


  1. A brief history of the Python language and development community
  2. The evolution of the development process
  3. Channels, PEPs, patches, review
  4. Developer development: Code of Conduct, core-mentorship, diversity and inclusion
  5. Opportunities for participation

Speaker bio

Stephen Turnbull is a devotee and teacher of, and researcher in, the Dismal Science of Economics. His research treats game theory and the software industry. He has helped develop open source software such as Ghostscript, XEmacs, Python, and GNU Mailman. In Python he has worked on standards conformance, internationalization, and infrastructure (repositories and channels).



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