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Python Automation for Information Security Professionals

Submitted Nov 25, 2016

The field of Information Security is fast-paced and things change everyday. A vast array of sources are at our disposal for gathering information.Therefore, automating the tasks comes as a bug need in field of infosec. Python comes across as the best choice for automating all our security related needs because it is backed by a really good third party libraries and is considered first choice by security professionals around the world.

In this talk, we will introduce some of the automation tasks from Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and other important fields of Information Security.


  • Interacting with the OS
  • Useful Python libraries
  • Eumulating web browsers
  • Brute-forcing login forms
  • Automating nmap and writing your own port scanner
  • Virustotal automation
  • Various lookups automation
  • Using proxies with Python
  • Bruteforcing SSH, and more.


If participants would prefer to follow along, they can bring their laptops.

Speaker bio

Amey Gat (@ameygat)
Moderator and Core Team member of hackers group , one of the leet hacker groups of India. Python programmer by profession in past, now automating everything for the love of python. Since begining of 2015 joined developement team of SHIVA, an open-source Spam Honeypot.

Rahul (c0dist)
A wannabe Security Researcher, with keen interest in information security, programming, human behaviour and everything else related to computers. Codes in Python for fun and earning his bread & butter. Big fan of automating everything, loves to watch his minions(py scripts) work for him.


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