PyCon Pune 2017

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Abhishek koserwal


Building dockerized applications using Django and AngularJS

Submitted Nov 25, 2016

Containerization provided a open platform to build, ship and run distributed applications in much rapid development cycle. Accelerated developer onboarding, eliminates app conflicts and managing dependencies by keeping environment consistency.Integrating Angularjs with Django provides a better full stack solution for modern web applications. AngularJs provides strong two-way data binding overcomes shortcomming with django templates by exposing django rest end points with faster deployment cycle using docker helps design scalable solutions. This talk captures aspect about containerization your django applications with angularjs.


In this talk,
Introduction to Docker, Docker-engine Docker-Compose
Overview about angularJs and django rest framework
Integrating django rest framework with angularjs
Dockerize django-angular application
Example applications and docker workflow
Future with django-channels


pre-installed docker-engine, python etc.

Speaker bio

Abhishek Koserwal is a software application engineer at Redhat. He has contributed as full stack developer towards various external/internal Redhat web-applications & services.


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