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Vidya Iyengar


Create an impact with "Good Documentation"

Submitted Nov 30, 2016

The quality of a project document makes or breaks the image of a project. A document (be it a release note, or just a usage guideline) is the first thing one gives a user before even selling the idea of the project.
This session is for all those people who have a great project and want to learn how to create a greater impact through documentation.


-Why documentation? What is in it for me?
-How to plan, start, structure and write an effective document?
-Use cases
-Tips and Tricks for making an everlasting impact and immediate connect with the user

Speaker bio

Vidya Iyengar is a Content Author at Red Hat. She has over 11 years of experience in Technical Writing. She has worked with several MNCs as a documentation expert on various domains. Her role allows her to collaborate with several project stakeholders like engineers, testers, technical support staff, end users, and marketing team (to name a few). Working with such a wide range of personas provide her a rich experience of how each of these stakeholders use project documentation and what works best for the project.


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