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The Westin, Pune

About the event

Ashwin Date


Unite CMS - A modern CMS to unite your microservices

Submitted Feb 13, 2018

I’ve spent more than 10 years building projects and products on various PHP frameworks and CMS. Started using Angular as an interesting tool to build frontends, however I quickly started missing the flexibility of a CMS - allowing to create menus and pages. That’s when Unite CMS was born.

Unite is a API first approach to building CMSes. With a slim core providing only menu and page management, Unite allows you to use your existing APIs to quickly build Angular based frontends.

This talk will help existing Angular devlopers explore an alternate way to build apps, and offer the flexibility of a CMS to their users.


  1. Applications are using a API first approach to build services. Allows to build applications more flexibly, decouple the service from the frontend
  2. Most current CMSes are not API first
  3. Unite allows to build a frontend using REST services
  4. Data sources are separated from the rendering layer and templates which allows for reuse of the UI layer.

Speaker bio

Ashwin Date, Founder & CTO, Tekdi Technologies

I’ve spent more than 10 years building projects and products on various PHP frameworks and CMS. We’re currently building a SaaS Learning Platform.


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