Processing Community Day

To celebrate and explore art, code, and diversity in India

Processing Community Day (PCD) is an inclusive community conference for anyone interested in creative coding whether you are an artist, designer, programmer, student, or teacher. The event celebrates and furthers generative art and creative computation.

Processing aims to make creative coding a skill easily accessible and available, especially to communities who lack access to such resources.

PCD provides a platform for people to learn and grow together and to connect with each other, bridging gaps across not just technology but also across many diverse communities.

What is Processing
Processing is a free, open-source software platform for learning how to code using visual art. It was created by Casey Reas and Ben Fry in 2001. It includes a web implementation called p5.js, a Python based implementation, Processing for Android, and Processing for RaspberryPi. Processing and its other implementations are maintained by The Processing Foundation and are used by a global community of artists, designers, educators, and programmers.

Date and Time:

Saturday 8th August, 2020 3:00PM to 7:00PM



  • The talks will be livestreamed on Youtube for anyone to view.
  • The QnA for the talks will happen over at Discord, accessible to registered participants.
  • Apart from the QnA, Discord will serve as a medium for participants to interact with the speakers, and with each other.
  • To facilitate these interactions we will have Discord voice channels, where participants can join in for a casual fireside chat as a group.

Why join us

  • Unique chance to interact with new media artists who use code to build their artworks.
  • Learn how they got started in the field, and things to keep in mind as a beginner.
  • Discover the best tools and practices in the field directly from the experts.
  • Meet other enthusiasts who have been meaning to get started in creative coding.
  • Grow your network, and find opportinities to collaborate on projects.

Know more

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Nikhil Joshi
Trans disciplinary Designer | Technologist | Partner at Digital Jalebi

Fabin Rasheed
Product Manager | Design led Innovator | AR , VR , AI, Gestures, Voice | Generative Design

Designer and Technologist

Rushali Paratey
Creative Technologist & Software Developer

Mithru Vigneshwara
Product Manager and Prototype Specialist

Praveen Sinha
Independent Design Professional

Abhinay Khoparzi
Curator, Producer, Performer, Instructor at Algorave India

Prasanna Shevare
Co-founder and CTO, Drona Aviation

Karthik Dondeti
Architect | Computational designer | Generative Artist

Mathura Govindarajan
Creative technologist | Designer | Software Developer

Natasha Singh
Generative artist and Co-founder at Timeblur Studio

Mike CJ
CoFounder & Creative Developer at Timeblur

Arnab Chakravarty
Post-doctoral researcher at ITP, NYU


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Processing Community Day (PCD) is a day to celebrate and explore art, code, and diversity around the world. more