A guided walkthrough of the One Vote Project

Basecamp is where a new member of the One Vote community can join and find a guided walkthrough of the One Vote Project. Combining a form of curated content, contextual information and direct links, this space is a handy guide and a way to view the project at your own pace.

A topic map for the One Vote Project is available here

  1. About the One Vote Project
  2. The historical perspective of elections in India
  3. Introduction of technology in Indian elections
  4. Perspectives from other nations
  5. Elections and the rights of citizens
  6. Elections and Financing
  7. Elections and Media

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One Vote is an initiative to examine a diverse set of inputs and perspectives regarding the introduction and evolution of technology as part of the elections. We use public discourse, deliberations and reports to raise awareness about this topic for a lay audience. One Vote is designed to enable cr… more