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Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay


Introduction of technology in Indian elections

Submitted Apr 5, 2022


Available information around EVMs

Critique of EVMs

  • Kannan’s talk link
  • Subhashis’s talk on CCE report link
  • Additional references
    -- CCE report
    -- Newsclick interview on linking of Aadhaar and EPIC link

Internet Voting

  • Subodh’s talk on designing electronic voting systems link
  • Subhashis’s talk (sketch of a system) link
  • Talk from Nanjala link
  • Additional references
    -- Indiaforum article
    -- article

Blockchain voting systems

  • TSEC Khamman Experiment
    -- Opinion/Update from One Vote
    -- Discussion with Srinivas, Srikanth and Sunil link
  • Subhashis’s talk on the nuances of electronic voting link
  • Additional references
    -- Technology, Trust and Elections - An Interim report from One Vote
    -- Online Voting Systems and Democracy - opinion piece


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