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Aravind Krishnaswamy


How Redis helped me build kwizlet in an hour

Submitted Mar 14, 2014

kwizlet is a simple, lightweight and snappy service that retrieves quiz questions & answers (which can then be consumed by other services).

To see how fast it is, visit and hit refresh a few times (new Q&As load up).

The objective here is to take a very simple but powerful example to demonstrate the awesomness that Redis is.


I built kwizlet in an hour, using Redis and Nodejs. The source is up on Github, and a demonstrative example is deployed here on Heroku (refresh to load new Q&As).

I use Redis extensively, and in the context of a number of use cases, and different technologies. While there’s a lot of material on Redis that’s already out there on the interwebs, I felt it may be beneficial to take a beginner through a simple practical example where the results are easily discernable.

Speaker bio

Aravind ‘Arvi’ Krishnaswamy is a hands-on entrepreneur and tech executive with a passion for all things mobile and cloud.

Twitter: @twitortat


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