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Gaurav Kheterpal


Introduction to Ionic Open Source Framework - Going Beyond Angular.js and Twitter Bootstrap

Submitted Dec 30, 2013

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve either learnt about Angular.js and/or Twitter Bootstrap or you’re interested in doing so. The growing acceptance of HTML5 has meant that ‘Every semi-colon slinging cowboy is out riding alone in the wild-west’ and as developers, there’s a fatal attraction towards trying out such frameworks.

Angular.js is considered one of the hottest JS frameworks and coupled with Twitter Bootstrap, it’s re-defining the front-end developer stack. So, how about going one step forward and learning about Ionic ( - an open source framework bulit by developers, for developers that goes beyond Angular.js and Twitter Bootstrap.

The single objective of this session would be to educate the audience on Ionic framework - how to use it, when to use it, when NOT to use it and how to create stunning visual user interfaces for your hybrid apps!


Besides keeping the developers awake and interested, the session would focus on the following agenda

  • Why Angular.js?
  • Why Twitter Bootstrap?
  • Why Angul.js + Twitter Bootstrap?
  • Introduction to Ionic Framework
  • Core UI concepts
  • Node.js Love
  • When to use Ionic
  • When NOT to use Ionic

Disclaimer - I am an Angular.js & JS enthusiast and am NOT associated with Ionic framework in any manner!


  • Open eyes & open ears during the session!
  • Some knowledge of HTML5 and Javascript to make you believe that this is not alien speak
  • If you know Angular.js and Twitter Bootstrap, be there - it’ll be worth it!

Speaker bio

Gaurav Kheterpal eats, sleeps and breathes native and hybrid app development :) He has been working in the telecom/ mobile industry for more than 14 years with organizations such as Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Genpact and several others. Gauav loves evangelizing new technologies/ frameworks and he’s presented sessions at leading mobile and open source conferences including Droidcon 2012, Droidcon 2011, SenchaCon 2013, Dreamforce 2012, Mobile Monday events and several others.

Though he was keen to drop out right from Kintergarden stage, he somehow managed to earn an engineering degree from BITS Pilani :)

He’s an expert on Appcelerator Titanium (aka Titan) and a Titanium Certified App (TCAD) Developer as well as Titanium Certified Instructor (TCI). He has an excellent understanding of the complete gamut of native vs hybrid vs. HTML5 debate and has tried his hand at almost all platforms that exist :)

When he’s not developing apps, he’s busy blogging on technology/ telecom/ mobile topics, spending time with his family or catching up on his long lost sleep.


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