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Nihar Sawant


In depth analysis on AngularJS vs BackboneJS

Submitted Dec 1, 2013

As a Front End Developer, selecting appropriate MVC frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, Angular, Montage etc. becomes difficult task. A good framework should suit the needs of application along with maintaining robust and scalable architecture. There are many bloggers who have published articles on differentiation among these frameworks but none of them cover how to overcome pitfalls faced during development of large scale applications. After all, not all applications have smaller scope like TodoMVC.

This presentation is a humble approach to share and overcome pitfalls faced during the development of large scale web applications developed in Angular and Backbone. At the core of this presentation core points are: the pros and cons of AngularJS and BackboneJS, how we can overcome them as per our needs.


As web development is becoming more and more powerful, there arises an increasing need for stronger and more fluid frameworks. This gave birth to prototype, dojo, jQuery followed by MVC frameworks like Backbone, Ember, Angular, Montage etc. which brought a revolution in frontend development. Even though these frameworks follow one pattern i.e. MVC, they differ in many ways.

This presentation will go through philosophical differences between AngularJS and BackboneJS on implementation of MVC, precautions to be taken while designing architecture in early stage, avoiding common mistakes, performance and optimization, pros and cons of both frameworks along with possible hacky ways to overcome cons etc.

Even though title says ‘AngularJS vs BackboneJS’, presentation will be more biased towards AngularJS.

Speaker bio

Nihar Sawant is a Full Stack Developer, Self-taught Designer and Co-Founder of Expojure (Image curation web app for social media). He previously worked on 3DTin (World’s first 3D modelling tool which runs in a browser) and Lagoa (cloud based 3D photorealistic rendering tool).

In last 3 years he worked on large scale web applications using libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Underscore, Backbone and Angular. He is currently “on a mission to rescue world in context of web”.


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