Introduction to Web Performance

Introduction to Web Performance

Understanding website performance, tools, techniques and team responsibilities

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This session will cover:

  • What is web performance?
  • Common myths around performance.
  • Understanding the various layers of performance in a website (frontend, backend, network and more).
  • Popular performance tools and the differences in what they measure.
  • Common bottlenecks and a few high-level techniques.
  • Sharing responsibility between content, design and development teams.

The speaker and curator for this session is Souvik Das Gupta.

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About Content Web: This space is all about the good ol’ websites that we’ve been designing and publishing for decades. Online publishing, marketing websites and the likes have always been on the rise. And so have the supporting tools, technologies and techniques for website publishing and content management. The practices of web design, development and content publishing have grown in complexity much faster than the spaces available to discuss them (esp. if you don’t want to get sucked into the constant buzz around JS frameworks, web applications or product development). In this space we plan to stay focussed on content publishing, web design, web development and the business around it.

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Talk: Introduction to Web Performance

Souvik Dasgupta

1 hour17 July 2020

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